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Nearly all Florida businesses must offer workers’ compensation to their employees. We’ll help all business owners get the corresponding insurance that will meet these obligations.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation claims might arise when employees of your business sustain injuries or develop illnesses while on the job. A claim’s goal is to provide the injured party with monetary help and income assistance as they recover from such incapacities. Policies might pay for medical bills, rehabilitation, disability benefits and even mileage accumulated when those affected travel for medical care.

You Must Have It

If you are a security-conscious business owner, then consider workers’ comp insurance an integral part of your business plan. You cannot afford to go without it.

  • Florida law requires most businesses to carry coverage, though limited exclusions exist. If you fail to carry required coverage, you could face a criminal charge.
  • Even if you don’t have a coverage requirement, you can benefit from coverage. With a policy, you can reduce your chances of having to pay out-of-pocket for an employee’s losses.
  • Many sole proprietors qualify to carry coverage. It can support them while they cannot work.
  • Coverage can reduce or eliminate the chances that an employee will sue you for their injury costs. If they do qualify to sue, coverage might also help cover your legal costs.
  • Should someone die in a work-related accident, many policies will pay a survivor death benefit.

Studies also show that employees who receive workers’ comp have better chances of a full recovery. For the business, therefore, the employee’s loss and time off might not prove as acute as it might otherwise.

What Injuries Does Workers’ Comp Cover?

Nearly any injury someone sustains at work might qualify for workers’ comp. These might include:

  • Sudden injuries
  • Injuries sustained over time
  • Harm sustained from repetitive motion
  • Injuries from exposure to contaminants

Please note that in certain cases, claims can apply even if an employee was on a break when they got hurt. Therefore, you should think of coverage as something of a shield for any variety of injuries.

How Claims Work

For business owners, fulfilling workers’ comp claims will take coordination with affected employees, insurers and state regulators. The workers comp divisions at the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation ( and Florida’s CFO ( oversees the state’s workers’ comp system. Special rules apply to the benefits process, including:

  • To qualify for benefits, most injured employees must prove that their injury was related to their duties. An investigation into the accident will likely result before the policy pays.
  • Employees must report claims to the employer within 30 days of sustaining an injury. Employers then have 7 days to report the claim to the insurer. Employees have a right to file a claim even if the business refuses to provide them with its workers’ compensation policy information.
  • Policies can often pay benefits both during employee absences and after they return to work.
  • If an employee receives a permanent disability, the policy might pay them indefinitely. Workers’ compensation benefits can also work alongside Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI).

Need Workers’ Comp Coverage?

Today Insurance Services specializes in helping all Florida businesses get workers’ comp policies to meet all their industry-specific requirements. If you need a policy, we can help you make sure you receive coverage that you can leverage appropriately for your employees.

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