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Today Insurance Payroll Services

Today Insurance Services offers payroll services and is partnered with Paychex. Paychex is the preferred provider of payroll services for many organizations, professionals and individuals. Our partnership with Paychex can help you with your payroll services and ensure that all of your employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct withholdings and deductions remitted in a timely manner. This includes salary payments, tax withholdings and deductions.

Your payroll and payroll taxes considerably affect the net income of your business. Your payroll is subject to laws and federal and state regulations. Even good employee morale requires payroll to be paid timely and accurately. Today Insurance Services recognizes the critical roll your payroll department plays and is happy to provide payroll services through Paychex.

If you work at or own a business and want to further develop a successful, profitable business or practice utilizing our payroll services, call us TODAY at 1-321-360-8516.

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