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Insurance Fraud in Florida is Costly

Insurance fraud in Florida news story from Tampa

If you live in Florida, chances are, you are paying a fair amount of money for your auto insurance in part due to insurance fraud. It is a fact that 25 percent of the drivers in Florida have no insurance, or the insurance they do claim to have is phony. Florida is one of the top five states in the nation for uninsured drivers!

Even insurance companies that are well-known are at risk for having employees that break the law and sell fake insurance cards. Take for instance this story (view video) from the Tampa area. The insurance agent was working for Progressive Insurance, however, was NOT a licensed agent. She sold numerous phony insurance cards, which people most likely used to get a registration and license plate number for their automobile. The problems come when these people are involved in an accident.

What happens when you are involved in an accident? Usually the driver at fault is responsible for reporting the accident, but because of the increased chance of this person having false or no insurance, it is always a good idea for you to get as much information from the person as possible. Usually you’d get the insurance company name, claims phone number, address and even the insurance agent’s name. Call the police and make sure you have a police report. It is also a good idea to call your own insurance agent in case there are issues with the other party’s insurer. If the other party admits to being uninsured, let your insurance agent know as soon as possible.

At Today Insurance, we protect our customers in every way we can. If you are already a customer of ours and find yourself involved in an accident, please feel free to contact us. We’ll assist you through the claim process. If you are not a Today Insurance customer and have questions about auto insurance, our agents will work with you in getting the best coverage for your individual needs.

Most drivers in Florida are responsible, however, there are a few that do not play by the rules. We consider insurance fraud to be very serious and only work with reputable companies and licensed agents. We can give you advice on how to protect yourself from uninsured motorists and get the best auto insurance policy for your money. Let’s all work together to lower Florida insurance costs by being responsible.


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