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Dog Bite Insurance

Dog bite insurance or dog bite liability

If you think you have dog bite liability or dog bite insurance automatically included in your homeowners or renters insurance, you’d better think again. Not all home insurance policies cover dog bites, nor do all renter policies. If you own a dog, Today Insurance can assist you with an inexpensive dog bite insurance policy.

Being a pet owner can be very rewarding. Most people do not think about insurance when adding a dog to their family. After all, it isn’t exactly required to have. Consider the alternative, and we think you’ll agree, having dog liability insurance is well worth it.

Did you know? The most likely groups to be bitten by a dog on your property are small children, the elderly, and postal service carriers. The USPS ranked Los Angeles as the worst city for dog bites on postal carriers where nearly 5,900 carriers were attacked by dogs last year.

More and more homeowner’s insurance companies are excluding and even denying coverage for certain types of dog breeds. Check your policy to see if pit bulls, Dobermans, boxers, bulldogs, chows, Rottweilers or any other breeds are excluded from being covered by your insurance policy. Does your written policy include the verbiage “certain dog breeds?” If so, you should make sure your new dog isn’t considered to be one of those breeds. Some breeds are identified as dangerous or vicious, despite how well-behaved or trained your dog might be. Today Insurance can help identify if your dog might be placed within this category. We can help you get a dog liability insurance policy in place that allows you and your best friend the best protection at the most affordable price.

From an injury-causing bite, to digging a hole in your neighbor’s yard, pet protection insurance can protect you from a potential lawsuit.  Are you and your assets protected in the event you find yourself in this situation? Once a dog bite takes place at your home, your insurer could raise the premium, exclude dog-related injuries from coverage, or in some cases may even drop your policy! Unfortunately, if you do not have dog bite liability coverage, you will almost always have to get rid of your dog or find new insurance.

More than half of all dog bites occur on the dog owner’s property, and they account for one-third of all homeowners’ insurance liability claims. In 2012 there were almost 16,500 such claims, each costing an average of almost $30,000.
(Source: Insurance Information Institute)

The best protection (including purchasing an affordable dog bite policy) is to prevent a dog bite incident in the first place. When adding a dog to your family, choose a breed that is compatible with your family’s energy and lifestyle; properly train your dog (or have it trained by a professional); supervise your dog, especially around children and strangers or guests in your home; never assume that your dog would never bite anyone; and teach every family member how to properly care for a dog. Want to know more? Here are a couple of interesting articles:

Once your pet becomes part of the family, Today Insurance can help protect you and your best friend. Make sure you have proper insurance, so that you might have the opportunity to stay together for life without worry.  Affordable dog bite liability insurance shouldn’t take a bite out of your wallet. Call Today Insurance Services toll free at 1-877-383-4429.  We’ll provide peace of mind, fill any insurance coverage gap concerning dog liability, and keep those tails wagging!

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